Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Grade Apps

I wanted to share the other things we are doing in first grade with our chromebooks.  Everyday during guided reading my students use the Razkids program. razkids This program allows me to differentiate for all of my students.  They read books on their own reading level and complete comprehension questions for each book.
We are also using Xtramath daily. xtramath This also allows for differentiation.  It gives the students a quiz  and sets them up with the math facts that they are ready to learn.  Each day the students take a quiz on the facts that they are working on.  It takes about five minutes and then we start math.

While working on 2D and 3D shapes we reinforced our learning with the Math Playground App.geoboards and shapes

We are also using the sight word app Dolch to practice our dolch words. Each child clicks on the dolch list that they are working on.

Feel free to add apps or ideas to my blog. :)

Assignment Returns

The chromebooks went home this week and the assignments are coming in.  I am starting with one a week for now and they have until Friday to complete it.  I just finished looking over their assignments and adding comments to each of them.   If students can't take home their chromebook, I will have them watch the video at school and take home a paper copy of the assignment.

More homework tasks are coming.....

Friday, September 26, 2014

Reading Response

Happy Fall

I used the google classroom app again and created a new assignment.  It is a reading response that focuses on a text to self connection.  I attached a link for the book called: The Leaf who wouldn't leave in the assignment.  Students will use their chromebook to listen to the story at home and answer the responses on the google doc. attached.  leaf assignment

Here we go

So here we go.......  We are beginning a unit on non-standard measurement so I wanted to start it off with a chromebook assignment.  I am sending home this measurement task for my students to do with their family.  I created it in the Google Classroom App.  Here is the link: google classroom.  So I created a class in google classroom with all my student's email addresses.   I attached a youtube video for the students to watch.  It is called Sid the Science Kid Exploring Measurement.  Here is the link: Sid the Science Kid.  Then I created a google doc and attached it to the google classroom assignment.   I just hit the button that said, "make a copy for each student" and sent it to my class.  Here is the link to the document: Math Measurement Task.  Google classroom will tell me how many students sent in the assignment and who they are.  I hope to insert comments on their document for them to use as feedback.   I will be introducing the assignment next week and I sharing feedback on my blog.  Feel free to comment or share your ideas....