Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Grade Apps

I wanted to share the other things we are doing in first grade with our chromebooks.  Everyday during guided reading my students use the Razkids program. razkids This program allows me to differentiate for all of my students.  They read books on their own reading level and complete comprehension questions for each book.
We are also using Xtramath daily. xtramath This also allows for differentiation.  It gives the students a quiz  and sets them up with the math facts that they are ready to learn.  Each day the students take a quiz on the facts that they are working on.  It takes about five minutes and then we start math.

While working on 2D and 3D shapes we reinforced our learning with the Math Playground App.geoboards and shapes

We are also using the sight word app Dolch to practice our dolch words. Each child clicks on the dolch list that they are working on.

Feel free to add apps or ideas to my blog. :)

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