Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chromebook Assignment Directions and AHA moment

For my first two chromebook assignments I am sending home a direction sheet in their computer bag.  I thought I would have to do this for every assignment, but my students and parents are completing the assignments in my google classroom library before they are even due.  SO AWESOME!!!!!!  So no directions are needed after the first one.  Here are the google doc directions that I sent home.assignment directions


  1. You are amazing! Do all your students have chrome book cases and have they all returned the overnight policy form? If not, how do you address those students?

  2. Hi,
    All my students returned the forms except for 3. They all brought in cases too. So these three students have the opportunity to do the assignments in class. Ex. finishing work early etc.

  3. Sandy:
    Thanks so much for sharing your day to day thoughts! I love getting a virtual peek into your classroom.

  4. Thanks Jim :) I am really enjoying it.