Friday, September 26, 2014

Here we go

So here we go.......  We are beginning a unit on non-standard measurement so I wanted to start it off with a chromebook assignment.  I am sending home this measurement task for my students to do with their family.  I created it in the Google Classroom App.  Here is the link: google classroom.  So I created a class in google classroom with all my student's email addresses.   I attached a youtube video for the students to watch.  It is called Sid the Science Kid Exploring Measurement.  Here is the link: Sid the Science Kid.  Then I created a google doc and attached it to the google classroom assignment.   I just hit the button that said, "make a copy for each student" and sent it to my class.  Here is the link to the document: Math Measurement Task.  Google classroom will tell me how many students sent in the assignment and who they are.  I hope to insert comments on their document for them to use as feedback.   I will be introducing the assignment next week and I sharing feedback on my blog.  Feel free to comment or share your ideas....

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  1. Great video and assignment. I like that you are getting families involved. Can't wait till I am ready to send home the chrome books.