Sunday, March 22, 2015

Science/ELA Lesson

This is our first year exploring the Next Generation Science Standards.  Here are the standards we are working on in this lesson:
 So we started our lesson with a question in Answer Garden students to respond to.  Here are the student responses:
In the past, we would use a KWL chart.  I would chart student responses and they would try to pay attention while I was writing.  Answer Garden elicits immediate responses and the students love to watch the screen to see when their idea appears.  We used this garden to start the lesson and after the students did the reading below on their chromebooks they were able to go back and add new learning to the garden.
Here is the link to the book below that they read with a partner:  Ice and Snow

For a formative assessment I created a google draw sorting activity.  Check it out below:
Here is the link: Sorting Animals
I also found a great Kahoot game to use with this lesson. Here it is:Animal Coverings

First Graders are doing amazing things on Chromebooks!!!  Love it :)

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